Steam Wormhole Ventures

This project has been worked on for quite a few years on and off. With a little extra time we managed to get it Steam greenlit. So in time we should be able to have this game up and running on Steam.

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FaceBook Page

This is another place where you can go and find out about use and the things that we do. The information on those pages is from old to new about what we're up to.

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2016 Game Developmant and Art Creation.

This post page contains everything you need to know about the stuff we'er doing the stuff we're going to do the stuff we want to do. Miscellaneous things about the programs we use like Unity, DAZ Studio exe... It also contains information about Wormhole Ventures and other projects we are working on.

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Future Wave Games

The company works hard to make a good and fun game experience. We are a small team.

Full Time:
Programming, Design, Music, Art - Deva Winblood
Art,3D Art, 2D Art,Model Rigging,Animation Creation, Testing,WebBuilder, Design - Nathan Clegg.

Part Time:
Art - Bryan Butler.

Testing - Debra Winblood, Ben Price, Talon Winblood, Mike Kurchak, Gydion Winblood, Jessie Winblood.

We work on projects when we can with that being said this is the team. Let's give a big shout-out to Deva Winblood for he is our only programmer AKA coder so without him none of this is possible.

Thanks for reading and have a good day.


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