Our Approach

Work hard and further seek knowledge in our own crafts. Make good games test them, break them, fix them.

Our Story


Meet the Team

Hi folks this is the team take a look and get to know the party. Group of very hard-working individuals. We do our best to help each other accomplish your dreams.


Debra Winblood

I am 45 years old. I have 6 wonderful children, 3 girls 3 boys all nerds, and a very enduring husband of 16 years. I was very into console games until I meet Deva and he opened my world to PC games. Since then I have tried my hand, very briefly, at scripting, modeling and web design. This did not work out so well so I now just stick to testing and playing its much less stressful.


Deva Winblood

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Nathan Clegg

Born 1987 I grow up in lots of different places.I struggled a little bit in the first half of life.
The second half of life around 25 years of age I was given an opportunity of a lifetime to learn to become a 3D modeler.
For five years that is all I did at the time I was learning 3D modeling I also learned many other new things rigging models, animating them,and many more amazing things.


Bryan Butler

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Kelly Winblood

My name is Kelly and I am 27,

From the start of life my childhood want the best but out of my teen years and into my young adult year life has been amazing. Giving me an opportunity of a life time to work in the marijuana industry where I have began to build a better life for myself and my family. When it comes to FutureWaveGames I was used as a tester for harvest of souls back in 04-05 and also for Worm Whole Ventures in 11-12.


Talon Winblood

Born 1996 in Denver Colorado. Talon spent most of his childhood moving between Denver and a small town called Lake City, Colorado. He has graduated From Gateway highschool in the city of Aurora Colorado. Talon enjoys, reading, writing and playing games. He was invited by his family to test some of their games and he accepted.


Jessie Winblood

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Gydion Winblood

Gydion Winblood


Michael Kurchak

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